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Brick'R'knowledge Arduino Set


Brick'R'knowledge Arduino Set
Brick'R'knowledge Arduino Set Brick'R'knowledge Arduino Set

This Brick'R'knowledge Arduino Coding set allows you to control a range of bricks from a genuine Arduino Nano.

Supplied in a neat plastic compartmented case, the Arduino Coding Set contains an array of bricks including Arduino Nano, I2C 12bit DAC, I2C OLED 64x48 Display, I2C 7-Segment LED, plus a range of LED, Diode, Transistor, NTC, Switches and Sensors. Mains power supply included.

The various rugged electronic bricks build up into individual circuits, simply by clicking them together - no soldering required.

This set is ideal for all ages and provides a range beginner to advanced projects. The detailed manual contains a large number of example projects, complete with same code making this an exciting addition to the Brick'R'knowledge product range.

The Arduino Nano can be either via the USB port, or through an external supply voltage source such as the included AC adapter. The Arduino Nano is provided with a default program that will flash an LED on the block.

Note: All the bricks from the various brick sets, and also individually purchased bricks, are compatible with each other. The more bricks you have, the more interesting and diverse range of fun and educational electronic projects can be designed and built. 



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